There is not enough buzz around programs that support women gaining wage-earning skills that will give them access to non-traditional careers.
Community Conversation Participant
Leon County
The high rent in convenient areas push people outside of the city limits, which then restricts access to public transportation. This is a huge issue for people who don’t have a car. It also means that accessibility of food and activities is impacted.
Community Conversation Participant
Lake County

The lack of affordable housing
makes it impossible for a woman to independently provide for herself and her family.
Survey Respondent

From June 2019 through January 2020, FCSW commissioners and staff traveled across the state to hear the Voices of Florida Women. 
We listened as women spoke their truths on issues which concern them, other women they know, and their communities.
This report encapsulates over 1500 women’s feedback from both the community conversations and an online survey.

Data by county