Florida Women’s Resource Directory

The Florida Commission on the Status of Women is focused on providing a collaborative platform for those seeking information on issues that affect women, girls and their families in our state. Each of the 67 counties is unique and we value and applaud the incredible work being done by the hundreds of organizations in each community.

We are all interested in improving the well-being of Florida women and girls – and by extension, all Floridians. There is great power in uniting and connecting. Finding each other, however, is not always easy.

In order to fill this information gap, the Commission is publishing this¬†Florida Women’s Resource On-line Directory, in an effort to connect groups and organizations vital to improving the status of women and families in Florida. In doing so, we strive to be a resource for lawmakers, businesses, and residents so they have a better understanding of these important issues.

Organizations may have specific political or religious missions, therefore, inclusion in this directory does not imply endorsement or approval of its content. The Directory is not exhaustive and there may be other relevant organizations that are omitted. All materials available on this website are copyright protected. We reserve the right to exclude commercial organizations or those that do not meet our intended purposes.

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