Members of the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame

Helen Muir

(1911 - 2006)
Inducted 1984

Helen Muir, Born in Yonkers, New York, made a career of writing about Florida after moving to Miami in 1934. She was a columnist for the Universal Service syndicate from …

Gladys Pumariega Soler, MD

(1930 - 1993)
Inducted 1984

Gladys Pumariega Soler, MD, Dr.Gladys P. Soler was born in Pedro Betancourt, Cuba, earned her medical degree from Havana University in 1955, and, after a residency in Jacksonville…

Julia DeForest Sturtevant Tuttle

(1848 - 1898)
Inducted 1984

Julia DeForest Sturtevant Tuttle, A landowner who was key to the development of Miami, Julia Tuttle was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She married in 1871…

Mary McLeod Bethune

(1875 - 1955)
Inducted 1982

One of the nation’s most prominent educators and civil rights leaders, Mary McLeod Bethune was born in South Carolina to former slaves. She graduated from…

Helene S. Coleman

(1925 - )
Inducted 1982

President of the National Council of Jewish Women, Helene Coleman’s life has been that of a fulltime volunteer. She was born in New York…

Elaine Gordon

(1931- 2000)
Inducted 1982

Elaine Gordon, Was the first woman inducted into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame. Born in New York, she moved to Florida in 1964. During the…

Wilhelmina Celeste Goehring Harvey

(1912- 2005)
Inducted 1982

Wilhelmina Harvey was the first woman elected to the Monroe County Commission and the first woman mayor of Key West. She graduated from Florida State College…

Paula Mae Milton

(1939- 1980)
Inducted 1982

Paula Mae Milton, A leader in the creative arts at Miami-Dade Community College, Paula Mae Milton was born in Kentucky. She moved to Florida in 1954…

Barbara Jo Palmer

(1948- )
Inducted 1982

Barbara Jo Palmer, A pioneer in the development of programs for female athletes, Barbara Palmer has been nationally recognized for her efforts to establish equity in sports for women. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania…