Members of the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame

Evelyn Stocking Crosslin, M.D.

(1919- 1991 )
Inducted 1995

Evelyn Stocking Crosslin, M.D., provided medical services in Volusia County for almost a half-century, especially to the poor. A Daytona Beach native …

JoAnn Hardin Morgan

(1940 - )
Inducted 1995

JoAnn Hardin Morgan, The first woman in launch control and later, in an executive position at the Kennedy Space Center…

Sarah ‘Aunt Frances’ Brooks Pryor

(1877 - 1972 )
Inducted 1995

Sarah ‘Aunt Frances’ Brooks Pryor, was a Panhandle businesswoman and civic leader for three-quarters of a century…

Nikki Beare

(1928 - 2014 )
Inducted 1994

Nikki Beare, was a founding member of the National, Florida, Dade County, and Capitol Women’s Political Caucuses, and helped found Florida NOW…

Betty Mae Jumper

(1923 - 2011 )
Inducted 1994

Betty Mae Jumper, The first female chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, was born in South Florida’s Indiantown. She attended…

Gladys Nichols Milton

(1924 - 1999 )
Inducted 1994

Gladys Nichols Milton, Born at Caney Creek in southern Walton County, she became nationally known in the late 1970s, when she led a legislative fight for recognition…

Betty Skelton Frankman

(1926 - 2011 )
Inducted 1993

Betty Skelton Frankman, A race car driver and aviator who established more records than any other person, she was the first woman inducted into the NASCAR International Automotive Hall of Fame…

Paulina Pedroso

(1845 - 1925 )
Inducted 1993

Paulina Pedroso, was born and died in Cuba, but during the years she lived in Key West and Tampa, was very influential in the fight for Cuba’s independence from Spain. From the 1880s to 1910…

Janet Reno

(1938 - 2016 )
Inducted 1993

Janet Reno, The first female attorney general of the United States, she was born in Miami and educated in its schools. After graduation…

Jacqueline Cochran

(1910 - 1980 )
Inducted 1992

Jacqueline Cochran, was an internationally known aviator who commanded the women in the U.S. Air Corps during World War II…

Carrie P. Meek

(1926 - )
Inducted 1992

Carrie P. Meek, of Miami, In 1992 she became the first black woman elected to Congress from Florida. Born in Tallahassee…

Ruth Bryan Owen

(1885 - 1954 )
Inducted 1992

Ruth Bryan Owen, The first woman elected to Congress from the South, she was the daughter of presidential nominee…

Annie Ackerman

(1914 - 1989 )
Inducted 1986

Annie Ackerman, Known as the ‘Condo Queen,’ was a political leader among retirees from the North who live in condominiums in southeast Florida. The daughter of…

Rosemary Barkett

(1939 - )
Inducted 1986

Rosemary Barkett, Born in Mexico to Syrian parents, Barkett moved to Miami at age six, where she began school speaking no English. She entered a…

Gwendolyn Sawyer Cherry

(1923 - 1979)
Inducted 1986

Gwendolyn Sawyer Cherry, The first African-American woman elected to the Florida Legislature, was also Dade County’s first black female attorney. Born in Miami…