Members of the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame

Caridad Asensio

(1931 - 2011 )
Inducted 2006

Caridad Asensio has dedicated herself to improving the conditions under which migrant farm workers and their families survive. She is directly responsible for…

Tillie Kidd Fowler

(1942 - 2005 )
Inducted 2006

Tillie Kidd Fowler was a dedicated public servant whose accomplishments as a community volunteer and public official are as significant as the integrity, civility and grace with which she achieved them. Tillie received undergraduate and law degrees from..

Lucy W. Morgan

(1940 - )
Inducted 2006

Lucy W. Morgan has had a distinguished career of over 40 years as journalist with the St. Petersburg Times and other Central Florida newspapers. Ms. Morgan began her career…

Shirley D. Coletti, DHL

(1935 - )
Inducted 2005

Shirley D. Coletti, DHL Operation PAR’s President, has distinguished herself as a leading advocate for substance abusing women and their children and families. As an outstanding contributor…

Marion P. Hammer

(1939 - )
Inducted 2005

Marion P. Hammer is a nationally renowned firearms/civil rights advocate and a dedicated, effective protector of the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Elected in 1996…

Judith Kersey

(1943 - )
Inducted 2005

Judith Kersey was the first woman guidance systems engineer in the history of NASA Kennedy Space Center and a strong advocate for women in science and engineering. Ms. Kersey played major roles…

Sarah Ann Blocker

(1857- 1944 )
Inducted 2003

Sarah Ann Blocker of Live Oak completed her education and became an inspiration to a generation of Florida educators despite economic and severe educational limitations for African-Americans in the south…

Gloria Estefan

(1957- )
Inducted 2003

Gloria Estefan is an Internationally renowned singer/songwriter from Miami, who is the single most successful crossover performer in Latin music history. In 1978…

Mary R. Grizzle

(1921- 2006)
Inducted 2003

Mary R. Grizzle of Belleair Shore has been a pioneer in passing laws to expand the rights of women and protecting the environment. She was the first female Republican…

Victoria Joyce Ely, R.N.

(1889- 1979)
Inducted 2002

Victoria Joyce Ely, RN, the first licensed midwife in Florida, began her career at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Ely became a reserve nurse in the Army Nurse Corps during World War I…

Senator Toni Jennings

(1949 - )
Inducted 2002

Senator Toni Jennings was the first Republican woman Senate President, serving two successive terms. Jennings launched Florida’s successful efforts…

Frances Langford Stuart

(1913 - 2005 )
Inducted 2002

Frances Langford Stuart was a chief entertainer for American service men with Bob Hope during his wartime duties. Stuart began her career in radio…

Jessie Ball duPont

(1884 - 1970 )
Inducted 2001

Jessie Ball DuPont as wife and adviser to Alfred I. duPont, was responsible for his vast business enterprises in Florida and the principal trustee of his estate. She used her personal wealth…

Lenore Carrero Nesbitt

(1932 - 2001 )
Inducted 2001

Lenore Carrero Nesbitt, The first female judge appointed to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Judge Lenore Carrero Nesbitt served as a role model for women lawyers…

Lynda Keever

(1947 - )
Inducted 2001

Lynda Keever, Publisher of Florida Trend magazine, one of the oldest and most respected regional business publications in North America, Lynda Keever is the only woman to serve in that position in the magazine’s 43-year history…